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In a shocking incident at a recent event in Margherita, popular actress Richa Chetry, known for her role in the sitcom “Beharbari Outpost,” was injured along with her co-star, Sumki Kachari, after being hit by a drone. Chetry took to social media to share her experience and raise awareness about the potential dangers of drones in crowded areas.

Chetry’s post on social media showed her with visible wounds and expressed her initial reluctance to discuss the unfortunate incident. However, driven by a desire to alert the public, she decided to share her story. The incident occurred after the Xubhajatra, while both actresses were standing on stage.

According to Chetry, a drone unexpectedly came towards them and made contact, causing injuries. She expressed gratitude that the wounds were not severe, but highlighted the potential risks involved. The drone struck Sumki Kachari first, and Chetry was hit by the drone’s fan, resulting in cuts and bruises. Both actresses received immediate medical attention, although Sumki Kachari’s injury was not visible.

Chetry mentioned that the drone operator explained being pushed by a child, leading to the incident. However, she stressed the importance of considering other possibilities and expressed fear about what could have happened if the force had been greater or if the injuries had been more serious, even resulting in death.

Taking the incident as an opportunity to educate and raise awareness, Chetry made a heartfelt plea to all photographers and camera operators who use drones. She urged them to prioritize safety and exercise caution, especially when operating drones in crowded areas. Chetry emphasized the need to maintain distance from the crowd and avoid using drones in such locations altogether, if possible.

She stressed that while one cannot control the actions of individuals in a crowd, drone operators can take responsibility for their equipment’s safe usage. Chetry appealed to everyone to be serious about preventing unfortunate incidents like this, as accidents can have dire consequences, including the loss of life.

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with drone usage, particularly in crowded environments. Chetry’s message resonates with the need for responsible and safe practices when operating drones, which can help prevent accidents and protect the well-being of individuals.

The Assam Kaziranga University